Study Skills & Tips

Study Skills:
Study Skills

8th Grade Organization Letter

Teacher Communication Tips:
  • Please look for information in the appropriate places before asking the teacher:  teacher websites, online resources, Canvas, Google Classroom, student planner, your student, etc.
  • Check grades on Infinite Campus. This is a record of grades earned, not work assigned for the night.
  • Student agenda books (JH only). Replacements can be purchased from Mrs. Adams for $5.
  • If after looking in these places, you do not find an answer, please email the teacher: expect response time to be about 2 business days, appointments can be made with the teacher via email
  • Parents: It is not appropriate to just "show up" in a classroom, as our teachers are very busy helping & teaching our students. If you choose to ignore this request, please know that teachers will not address your concerns at that time, but will ask you to set an appointment via email
  • How to Talk with Teachers
Freshman Tips:
  • Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and the value of a good college education.
  • Create time and space for your student to establish good study habits.
  • Promote extended, well-paced study rather than short-term cramming.
  • Discuss the impact of high school grades and course selection on college admission.
  • Check curriculum requirements for college entrance.
  • Encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities, volunteering and internships or other work experiences.
  • Talk with friends and family members enrolled in college about their own experiences.
  • Plan for college expenses and explore your savings options.

 Junior High Tips:
  • Use student planner everyday.
  • Check grades on Infinite Campus every Friday. Do any missing work over the weekend.
  • Do homework and hand in on time.
  • Listen.
  • Participate in class.
  • Advocate for self.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Ask questions when unclear, confused, or for more information.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • See class syllabus for specific grading & assessment information.
  • Utilize your teachers for review, homework help, additional instruction, make-up tests, quizzes, etc.
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