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Jeffco Definition of a GT Student:
"Gifted and talented children” are those learners between the ages of four and 21 whose abilities, talents, and/or potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs. Children under five who are gifted may also be provided with early childhood special educational services.

Gifted students include students with disabilities (i.e., twice-exceptional) and students with exceptional abilities or potential from all socio-economic and cultural populations. Gifted students are capable of high performance, extraordinary production, or exceptional learning behavior by virtue of any or a combination of these areas of giftedness:
 - General or specific intellectual abilities
 - Specific academic aptitude
 - Creative or productive thinking
 - Leadership abilities
 - Visual arts, performing arts or musical abilities
 - Psychomotor abilities

How does JA do GT?
 - Identified students are already on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) 
 - Honors classes
 - Advanced Placement (AP) classes
 - Concurrent Enrollment
 - Clubs/Interest groups like National Honor Society or Leadership
 - GT students are also required to complete 3 surveys for Jeffco. These surveys prompt students to set a goal(s), reflect on their progress, and report on whether they met their goal(s). During the goal setting phase, they are also prompted to identify an adult to partner with them in pursuit of their goal. This could be a parent, teacher, staff member or any trusted adult. 

My GT student is on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). What is that?
The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a legal document outlining programming for identified gifted students and is used as a guide for educational planning and decision-making. An ALP shall be developed for every gifted student according to the student’s determined area(s) of giftedness, interests, and instructional and affective needs.  The ALP is created once a student is formally identified as gifted.  See our GT identification page to begin this referral process for a student.

The student's ALP should be like a blueprint that maps out what students hope to learn and accomplish in their area of strength. By becoming autonomous with guidance from home and school the benefits are endless. When students become independent learners and self-advocates they will:

 - Take control of their learning
 - Have a deeper understanding of their learning style and become strength based learners
 - Become driver in improving their education
 - Acquire learning skills that will apply to learning situations in life
 - Will develop a greater sense of their abilities and become autonomous

GT Resources:

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